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Monday, April 14, 2014

Grand Canyon 3-29-2014

We visited the Grand Canyon on the 29th of March.  WHAT a spectacular creation!  Quite honestly, when Papa said that we would be visiting the Grand Canyon, I wasn't too awfully excited.  I'd seen pictures before.  But I was completely unprepared for the vast beauty that I saw!  Photos - even the very best - can not do justice to the incredible view!  Words cannot express the majesty displayed. 
It was, by far, my favorite place the we have visited.  I prefer rolling, grassy hills and mountains in general, but this was marvelous!  If you can get here in your lifetime, it is a must-see!

The depth was incredible!  I imagined someone who had never heard of the Grand Canyon coming abruptly to the edge.  What might be going through their mind? 
Had to be a good tourist and get this shot!  :)
Scared my poor parents.  :)
And scared them again.  :)
Love reflections!
We scared our parents half to death when we did this.  Oops! 
One of my favorite moments and favorite shots from the whole trip!
So happy with my brother!
Talking about awesome evidence for the flood.
Love this joy-filled guy!
My little sunshines.  :)
There were several elk grazing along the road as we left the Canyon.  They were magnificent!
They own the road.

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Chris Beach said...

These are incredible photos, Hannah. Any yes, you guys are crazy!