Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you. - John Owen

Monday, October 28, 2013

Faithful Provisions

The most vibrant, incredibly beautiful, longest lasting rainbow I've ever seen.  I love the reminder that our God always, always keeps His promises!

Praise God for His faithfulness!  It has been a crazyamazing (that is my newly invented word) :) couple of weeks! 

I love living here in Wisconsin, and I am so grateful for God's faithful provisions.  There are many things and people in Iowa that I miss, but it is good, good, good to be together as a family again.  I love sitting around the table with a delicious meal, and laughing until I hurt all over.  I love the quiet evenings sitting around the fire.  I love staying up late, giving Papa a back rub with the lights turned down low, and some relaxing music on the computer.  I love getting to know our new home.  I love chasing rainbows in the field behind our home.  I love climbing the silo to watch an approaching storm, or the sunset.  I love to see my brothers having fun in our backyard.  I love the challenge of having no kitchen and doing dishes in our bathroom.  :)  To sum it all up, I love pretty much everything about living here.  :)  I hope to be posting before and after photos of our new home and some other random stuff, but until then, I have some big news!

God provided Elijah with a deer last week!!!!!!  It was so exciting, and he let me do most all of the field dressing.  Please don't judge me when I say that it was incredibly fun!  :)  He shot it in the morning - his arrow went through the deer and then into the ground, and the deer dropped within sight.  I was jumping up and down with excitement when he told me that he had gotten a deer.  :) are a few photos of the whole process.  They're a little bloody, so I hope that you don't mind that sort of thing.  :)

Elijah's doe was a yearling, so it was pretty small, but that means that the meat will be more tender.  We has our first roast this past Sunday and it was AMAZING!

It was soooo cold without a coat in our freezing weather, but totally worth it!
My personal trainer, brother, buddy, friend, and handsome gentleman.  I love him dearly.