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Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Vacation

"The less we have of self, the more room there is for His divine grace."
- Charles Spurgeon
"New trials will bring new grace and prove the value of old promises."
- Charles Spureon
"Lord, let me think of Thee and Thy word all the while I am awake; and when I sleep, if I dream at all, let my imagination still tend thy way."
 - Charles Spurgeon
Wow!  What a month it has been!  God is so good!  He is so faithful! He is so gracious! 
I have been reading through the Psalms lately.  Oh, what beautiful encouragement I have found there!  I have also been reading through a small book entitled "Spurgeon's Gold".  It is full of short quotes from Charles Spurgeon, and I have been so blessed!  Definitely a must-read, especially for those of you who love a good quote (like me!).  :)
We were so blessed to be able to take a family vacation earlier this month.  It was such a huge blessing, an encouragement, and so refreshing.  God was so gracious to allow us to take this trip as a family.  What fun we had!  We laughed over Calvin and Hobbes (a new favorite, though it needs some discernment), ate junk food, canoed together, went hiking and biking, had some sweet devotional times, watched movies or sat around the campfire in the evenings, and had an all-around good time!  What sweet memories we made!  Enjoy a short (or not so short!) look at our time!  :)
The dogs hate going in water, but were willing enough when these geese landed on our pond! :)
Mother's Day with our dear "Grandma Great".  She's 100 years old and super spunky!  I love her so much!
Happy Mother's Day to my dear, sweet, wonderful, amazing Mama!  I don't know what I would do without her, and I do not deserve to be so blessed!
My guys heading off on their bikes in search of adventure!
Cracking up while Jeremiah reads Calvin and Hobbes.
One of my favorites!
My hard working guys off to chop some wood for our fire! 

Looking over the balcony to the river w-a-y down below.
I was kinda tired after our bike ride.  :)
This is the "don't take pictures of me" pose.  :)  I get that a lot.
The vines growing up the pine trees were so aamazing!
Lone traveler...
Happy 24th Anniversary to my dear parents.  I am so grateful for God's sustainging grace in their marriage! 
I was the wimpy cave explorer.  I went in, took a few pictures, got my camera and phone dripped on, decided I didn't want to ruin my favorite top, and headed back out.  Next time, I'll wear different clothes... :)
I used my flash for this shot and was actually quite pleased with the results!
My guys.  I love them dearly! 
About to head off in the canoes.  It was my first time and I had a BLAST!

Ahhhh!!!  A snake
Look!  It makes a heart shape!  Isn't that sweet?
We visited the spot that Mama and I were bot baptized and Papa took this picture.  I love my Mama!  I am so grateful for God's saving grace in both our lives.
"Spearing" fish. :)
I think that these are my favorite type of violets.
If you use your imagination, this stump looks kind of like a heart.  :)
Headed off canoeing again!
A deer along the shore. 
I love the way they make me laugh!
Relaxing while floating downstream.
Best buddies.
One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.  It was taken with my iPhone.
Have a blessed day, y'all!  :)