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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

It is truly a blessing to be back to blogging...finally!!!  These last couple of months have been full of God's love, faithfulness, and sustaining grace; there have been many "unknowns" and many interesting surprises!  :) 

My Grandpa had a stroke the first week in September and was in rehabilitation for a couple of weeks.  After he was released from the hospital, Mama and I stayed with him for about three weeks.  Grandpa and I got to know each other much better, and these days with Mama were some of the sweetest, friendship-building times in my life...isn't it beautiful how God uses trials to strengthen and build up the Christian!?!  Mama also took my senior pictures while we were in IA.  They look totally like a pro took them...I'll let you see for yourself later on in a future post.

The time in IA, away from my dear family, gave me a new appreciation for life - those "boring" normal days at home came to mean more than ever before.  Home is a beautiful place to be!!!

For my 18th birthday, Mama surprised me (like really surprised me!) with an unforgettable trip to visit our dear friends, the Nobles.  What a sweet time we had!!!!!  It was pure sadness to leave after only a few (very) short days together. 

Thank you, Noble family, for your wonderful Southern Hospitality :), for your even more wonderful friendships, and, most of all, your wonderful love for the Lord and desire to serve Him.  We were so encouraged and blessed by our time with you (as always!).

After such a break in blogging, I have so many photos to share with you, so here goes.... :) I'll be posting more in the next few days, Lord willing.

A traditional Noble-Armour game...Blokus!!! :) 
On Wednesday the Nobles took us to the College of the Ozarks where they have some incredible museums.  On the second floor, they had just about any kind of gun that you can imagine! 
This is the original car from the Beverly Hillbillies show...I've never watched it. 
There were also many exotic animals there from several countries. 
There were also several artifacts from American Indians. 
The collection of birds was massive! 
This is an actual cabin that once stood about 10 miles from the college campus. 
The guys. :) 
After visiting the museums, we unpacked lunch and enjoyed the gorgeous view. 
We have the prettiest moms! 
Brookie...such a sweet friend.  Isn't she lovely!?! 
This is part of the chapel on the campus. 
The door to the chapel.  We (or maybe it was just me?) wanted to get a picture in front of it before leaving. :) 
So grateful to have strong gentlemen to carry the coolers! 
Austin and Jonathan built this teepee.  Isn't it picturesque with the fall colors in the background!?! 
Mr. Grasshopper 
The boys had a friendly battle later in the day.  :) 
Jeremiah shoving off before Austin can catch him! 
Teddy was scared of the log... :)
This picture makes me happy.  :) 
Elijah took me out in the Pond Prowler and I snapped this picture of the softly rippling water. 
Brookie is the mocha queen!  She makes the best warm drinks on chilly days! The love poured into them makes them that much better.
Brookie and I had tons of fun making the cake together and it turned out great!!! :) 
Shortly before we left, Brookie, Mama, and I went outside to grab a few parting shots.  I took the above photo and mama took the rest.  I am so delighted with the results.  Doesn't Mama do a great job!?!
Again, Thank you Noble family for opening your home to us.  We miss you all so much.
Brookie, thank you for being my faithful friend. You are a treasured gift from our gracious Lord and I don't know what life would be like without you.  Thank you for encouraging me in godliness, putting so much love into all that you do, and for making me smile.  I love you.