Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you. - John Owen

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Photos and a Road Trip

Thawing my frozen fingers after being outside in the cold with my camera.  :)
I have such a beautiful and blessed life!  Lately, it has consisted of a road trip with Papa, listening to some amazing music, making memories, staying up really late, watching Anne of Green Gables, a trip to Fargo, ND, and back to WI to visit friends. 
One of the best soundtracks EVER!
I love our matching coats. (Thank you, Ashlyn, for the wonderful photo!)
I took little Nathan's 1 year photos.  He is such a cutie!
My camera's self timer is such a blessing!  :)
What a GLORIOUS sunset!!!  It literally took my breath away. 
Amanda took me out to DQ after dinner.  I ordered a Snickers blizzard and Amanda got Reeses. Ice cream is my favorite.  Yum!
Then we headed back to the Richter's home and had a sweet devotional time. :)  Amanda and I spent the night in their camper.  It was so fun to stay up late watching one of my all-time favorite classics, Anne of Green Gables.  That movie is so well done!
We drove from Iowa to Wisconsin to Fargo and back with Mr. Lincoln's face on our lisence plate.  Mortifying!
I got to drive back from Fargo to Wisconsin.  I'm getting better at keeping a constant speed.  :) 
We were blessed to spend more time with the Richters on Wednesday.  I felt so like a carefree little kid again...Amanda and I "played dress-up".  Yes, it was fun.  The dress I am wearing belonged to one of the Richter's neighbors who is now in her 90s.  She wore it to dances etc. as a young lady.  I am so grateful that I am able to make sweet memories with people I love!
Washing dishes after a delicious dinner.
We stayed up late Wednesday night and into Thursday monring.  After not seeing each other for a couple of months, we had a lot to catch up on, and a lot of memories to laugh over once again.  :)
Papa and I visited the Holland Family Cheese factory in Wisconsin on Thursday because they won a national award for their Gouda cheese.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of this adorable little milk cow!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ice and Horses

I was out driving with Grandpa earlier today and we passed a field that was strewn with huge chunks of ice from a nearby stream.  The recent thaw and heavy rain had caused the stream to overflow its banks, breaking up the thick ice in the process, and depositing it all over the nearby field.  I did not have my camera with me (naughty, naughty!) so we ran....I mean, I drove....back home and I grabbed my camera and headed back.  Christian came too.  :)

After taking pictures of the ice, we noticed two horses across the road.  They were so friendly and came right up to the fence!  Oh, the many joys of living in the country!  I love sharing these joys with my family.  :)
 Boys are kinda destructive.  :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainy Day

There's simply nothing like splashing through puddles in a pair of rubber boots!  Especially if that pair of boots belong to your brother and are waaaaay too big.  Fun times.  :)
I took the above picture off of the dock of our pond.  The water here is so high, and is nearly overflowing the banks of our pond.  I've never seen it rain that much in two days!

Hope y'all have a blessed week! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Half Way to 30!

Happy 15th Birthday (a little late) to my amazing brother, Jeremiah!  What a blessing he is to me and to his whole family.  Life without him would be so sad, uninteresting, and...and...let's just say that I'm eternally grateful for a blessing like Jeremiah!  He adds so much good to our lives!

I love how he takes a little extra time out of his day to bring a little (or a lot!) extra joy to someone else,  his smile, and the way he makes me smile, the way he hugs me before going to bed at night, his servant's heart, the way he cares for our dogs, his sense of humor, that he never complains (never!) when I ask him to do something I could have done myself, his unpredictability, how serious he is about serious things, and the fact that he loves the Lord.  I couldn't have asked for a more uniquely wonderful brother (and that goes for Elijah, Christian, and Jonathan as well!).  Jeremiah, I LOVE YOU!  May this year be blessed and may your daily battles be fought in Christ's strength, not your own.  May you grow more in the knowledge and love of our Lord in your 15th year.  You are a priceless gift, Jeremiah.
When he was a wee bit smaller, he would climb up on the tray of his high chair..and then he couldn't get down.  :) 
Way cute! 
Is that not one of THE CUTEST smiles ever!?!
 He was making the lion "roar!" :) 
I was a little troublemaker and got him a bit dirty.  Whoops! 
So handsome! :) 
I love his grin! :) 
Me with my hard-working, snow-shoveling guys.