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Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Year {Learning and Doing}

Hello and a very happy Spring to y'all!!!  It has been getting warmer here, and the sun is stronger and warmer than the chilly midwinter sunlight.  I love this season (even though it is impractically muddy!) of melting snow, new life, and warmer weather. 

Just a quick update on us (since I am so woefully behind in my blogging!):

This new year has been incredibly challenging and more blessed than I ever could have possibly imagined.  God is so good and so wise in everything that he does and I am so grateful to Him for all that He has done! 

There were several things on my mental "To-Learn-Someday" and "To-Do-Someday" lists that I have learned/accomplished in these first couple of months. 

I learned to dance early in February, and I cannot tell you how much FUN that was!  Even my brothers (skeptical in the extreme!) enjoyed it.  :) 

I ordered this online and have LOVED practicing my some of my favorite soundtracks.  :)
I am currently taking piano and voice lessons from some sweet friends here in Wisconsin.   A dear friend from church graciously and generously GAVE ME a piano!!!!!!  It was more than I had even thought to ask for or imagine.  God is so good!!!  I had prayed for a decent and cheap keyboard, and He provided me with a gorgeous instrument.  His ways are amazing!
Elijah, Jeremiah and I also learned to ski and play hockey this winter.  What a BLAST!!!  Skiing was, by far, one of the most thrilling experiences of my life!  I went down the bunny hill a couple of times and then graduated to a larger hill.  The whole way down I was praying, "Lord, PLEASE don't let me hit a tree, please don't let me hit a tree!"  It really showed me how utterly helpless I am!  It's just me, the hill, the trees, and my God keeping me safe. 

The whole group after a full day of epic skiing!

This lift was AWESOME!

Top of the World!

As far as reading this year, I determined to do better than last year, and I have surpassed last year's number already (that shows how few I actually read last year).  I read "The Journals of Jim Elliot" and am currently reading "Pilgrim's Progress", to name a couple of my favorites.  It has been amazing to read so many profitable and encouraging books!
This book is incredible!!
I have been blessed to have several dear friends visit briefly and the blessing to make new friends.  Friendship is such a sweet joy!
Y'all have a blessed week!  I am hoping to be posting more faithfully.  :)