Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you. - John Owen

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living for Eternity

Since last year, this matter of living without regrets has really been on my mind.  I feel completely unworthy to be speaking of such a matter when I fall so short so often - even today!  But I pray that you may in some way be encouraged by the thoughts that I have to share with you. 
So often, I get caught up in things that don't matter - things that have no eternal value.  Like last year, during my Greek class, I made it too much of a priority and didn't have time (didn't make time) for some of the truly important things in life - such as relationships.  First, my relationship with the Lord, my Saviour, and secondly, with my family.  I was not nurturing those relationships but was allowing them to fall by the wayside.  There was one particular week that was especially hard for me.  On the way to church the next Sunday, Jeremiah was asked to pick a topic of conversation.  After a little bit of thought, he said that we should talk about what God had done in our lives in the past week...silence followed.  I thought of how terribly, miserably ungrateful I am.  My mind should have been flooded with a million blessings, but instead, there was a complete blank.  What a wretched way to respond to the many blessings of the Saviour of my life,  He who died for me,  the One who gives me each and every one of my breaths,  my Lord and my God - to only name a few.  I broke down and wept as I had not for a very long time.  I was sobbing as we pulled into the church parking lot.
Another thought that had come to my mind at that same time was the way that I had been inwardly towards my family - how ungrateful I was for them.  How many regrets would I have if one or more of them were taken from me?  We are not promised tomorrow.  I don't know if I'll even make it through today.  Only God knows. 
I realized then that I had been living for today and not for eternity. I still find myself living for the here and now, but that is not what matters.  How different would our lives be, my life be, if I lived as if today were my last day?  If I really, truly lived as if every day were my last, how changed my life would be!  How differently I would treat my family!  One day will be my last.  I don't know when that is, but my Lord does.  I want to live without regrets.  I want to live for eternity!
I have resolved, by God's all-sufficient grace, to love my family, to honor them, to give of myself to them, to live without regrets.  I have failed in this even today, but as I am becoming more like Christ, being sanctified day by day, I will change.  May God receive all glory, honor and praise.  I want to challenge you, along with me, to live without regrets.  We will fall short, but "if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  (1 John 1:9)  I pray that I may live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ (Philippians 1:27). 
Our Lord is faithful, life is blessed, and I am so grateful to be here today!  Have a gloriously blessed week, everyone!
To God be the Glory,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What? 56 in Minnesota! {Random Photos from this Year}

Hello everyone!  Sorry for my extreme neglect of this blog.  We are all well - better than we deserve - so blessed and having a delightful January.  I'm loving this new year.  God is so good!  Our weather has been simply GORGEOUS!  We had one day last week that was 56 degrees (then it snowed the next day!).  Papa took us to the park and we played in short sleeves.  Jeremiah and the little guys even took off their shoes to play on the playground!  It was awfully fun!!!!! I'll include some random photos from life in 2012 and I hope that I won't be too long and tedious for you!  :)

I hope that the new year has been blessed for y'all and that it will continue to be so!!!!!

(My camera is slightly damaged and needs to go in for repair, so a sweet friend of mine let me borrow her Nikon SLR camera.  I was really sad to lose my "old friend" and am so thankful to be able to capture memories with this amazing high-tech camera!  :)

A big part of our life this year has been church and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is a picture that I got a few weeks ago of the men and young men praying before the service. 
Jonnie loves those doggies!  :) 
Amanda and I have (kind of) matching coats.  The big boys bought mine for Christmas! 
We had a gorgeous frost one Sunday morning...
The moon was full and beautiful that night. 
A sweet, fun little friend of mine, Lauren. 
Jeremiah was so gracious to lend me his soup bowl for a photo shoot.  Mine was cooled off too much before I got to the camera.  :) 

This is his "don't take pictures of me" face.  :) 
I thought that the reflection was neat! 
OK, this is JANUARY in Minnesota!...and he's outside in short sleeves!  This is almost unbelievable!
They looked sooooo cute in their little backpacks and hats! 
Brownie points if you can spot one of the boys in this picture! :) 
They liked to "ambush" me...  :)