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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip to North Carolina - Arlington and Smithsonian

We started our day in DC with a visit to Arlington House and Cemetery.  It was a sobering experience to walk through the massive graveyard.  There are over 300,000 people buried there with more burials each day.  The view from Arlington House was beautiful, overlooking the whole of Washington DC.

Later on in the day, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  There is such a wealth of information stored there.  It is simply overwhelming! 

Our trip was wonderfully blessed and I learned so much.  Thank you, Renfro family for planning stops, etc., and doing so much to make this experience so sweet and memorable.
The view of Washington DC from near Arlington House.
One of the beautiful columns in the front of the house.
Due to the earthquake, all furniture and decor had been removed.
Photo by Jenna.
I love the colors of this photo and the flag in the upper left of the window.
(Click to enalrge)
Josh and Daniel waiting for the girls - we lingered far too long!  :)
There was a small museum on the Arlington property, so we visited it and lingered a little longer... :)
Two sketches by Robert E. Lee.
Josh and Daniel were marching together and did an about-face.  :)  Jenna seems amused.  :)
Mama liked the flowers in front of the museum.
The Philadelphia
A replica of the entire ship.
George Washington.
This was incredible - George Washington's actual uniform!!!!!
One of Washington's many swords.
Washington's eyeglasses. (Technology has come a long way since then!)
Sam Houston's rifle.
The chairs used by Lee and Grant during the surrender at Appomattox.  Grant sat in the upholstered seat and Lee in the wicker chair.
Photo by Jenna.
Irving Berlin's piano
This squirrel had a very interesting color pattern... :)